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A PT Partnership in Texas

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Baylor physical therapist D’Andrea Gadberry (L) with Emory Assistant Professor Donna Smith.

When Emory’s Division of Physical Therapy established an Outstanding Clinical Partner Award this year, Baylor Scott & White Health in Texas immediately became the shoo-in for the honor.

During the past five years, more than 50 Emory students have completed clinical rotations at the health care system’s inpatient or outpatient facilities. And while Emory students rave about their experiences at Baylor, Baylor’s physical therapists also rave about Emory students.

“Emory students have historically come prepared, energetic, and eager to learn,” says D’Andrea Gadberry, PT, coordinator of outpatient clinics for Baylor. Her colleague Craig Vanderlaan, PT, the coordinator of clinical education at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, agrees. “I have not yet met an Emory student who isn’t fully committed to soaking up all that they can during their time with us,” says Vanderlaan. “The arrangement between Emory and Baylor works because both entities strive to—and do—offer comprehensive and meaningful educational opportunities, advancing the development of each student of physical therapy.”

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