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A Scholarship for Future Interdisciplinary Digital Scholars

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Physician Frank Blanton, namesake of the Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Humanities in Rehabilitation Scholarship

When Associate Professor Sarah Blanton DPT, NCS, began dreaming up the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation, her vision was largely informed by her father, Frank Blanton. “He was a well-loved and respected small-town Appalachian physician, admired for his humanistic approach to patient care and deep compassion towards others,” says Sarah Blanton. “His deep knowledge of the humanities—literature, poetry, religion, music—infused his work and his relationship with his patients.”

To honor Frank Blanton’s influence and life, Sarah Blanton and colleagues at the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation have created the Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Humanities in Rehabilitation Scholarship. The annual award provides financial support for a graduate student to work at the online publication, gaining experience in digital scholarship and the humanities while learning more about interdisciplinary liberal arts collaborations across campus.

To find out more go to emry.link/ptscholarship.

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