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Emory Students Win Scholarships

When Emilly Marshall 17DPT and Maggie Carson Griebert 16DPT found out they had won Emory’s Doctor of Physical Therapy merit scholarships earlier this year, both women were thrilled. “There are so many intelligent and hard-working students in our program,” says Griebert. “I was excited and humbled to be the recipient of that award.”

The $1,500 scholarship was meaningful, says Marshall. “My student loans are pretty hefty. But the scholarship is symbolic and significant, a reminder that I’m working really hard and have a little wiggle room financially.”

Marshall serves as president of the Doctor of Physical Therapy’s class of 2017, as well as conducting research, serving as an editorial associate with the Journal of the Humanities in Rehabilitation, and participating in the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia. “If I can be in a position in which I can contribute, that‘s rewarding,” says Marshall.

Prior to graduating this past spring, Griebert participated in research activities at Emory. She also organized classmates to provide weekly volunteer care for a child in the community living with a rare genetic disorder. In recognition of outstanding work during clinical rotations, Griebert also received the Johnnie Morgan Award for Excellence in Clinical Science.

While Marshall is now in her last year at Emory, Griebert has begun putting her education to work at an inpatient facility in Washington, D.C. “Overall I’m very grateful for my time at Emory,” says Griebert. “Being an Emory grad has opened up a lot of doors for me already.”

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