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Educator of the Year

Coordinating rotations for success

By Dana Goldman

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At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Beth Radford 98MPT provides behind-the-scenes support to Emory students before and during rotations.

Emory DPT students interested in pediatrics have long appreciated Beth Radford 98MPT, PT, CCCE. As the student education coordinator for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, she has spent the past nine years helping Emory physical therapy students have positive clinical experiences. In recognition of her commitment, Radford has been named the Division’s Outstanding Clinical Educator of the Year for 2017. Criteria included strong student evaluations, consistent involvement on behalf of the profession, and modeling of exemplary clinical care.

As a student at Emory, Radford completed a rotation at Children’s. Now, she says, her reward comes as she watches new physical therapists gain their footing and experienced physical therapists shine as mentors. “I like trying to make the rotation as positive as possible for the clinical instructor and the student,” says Radford. “It’s rewarding to help them have an outstanding pediatric experience here.”

Among Radford’s fans is Haley Quinlan 15DPT, who completed two clinical rotations at Children’s and now works alongside Radford. “She is truly dedicated and passionate about her work,” says Quinlan. “She is committed not only to her patients but to the profession.”

Radford’s manager, Cathy Chronic, also sings her praises. “She is focused and detail oriented, spending long hours getting students placed correctly and coordinating the required paperwork. She cares about providing the best in whatever she does.”

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