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Class of 2019 Student Awards

Each year the Division of Physical Therapy presents awards to graduating students.

Director’s Award for Academic Excellence | This award was given to James Brooks and Phillip Kellogg in recognition of exceptional academic work.

Director’s Award for Excellence in Growth Mindset | This award acknowledged Erin Wright for modeling perseverance and courage in meeting challenges and who, through hard work and dedication, demonstrated resilience and a love of learning.

Excellence in Service Award | This award recognized Nikki Bailys, Sarah Smith Hollingsworth and Payton Sims for outstanding service contributions to the program and/or physical therapy’s professional association.

Frances A. Curtiss Award for Excellence in Community Service | This award recognized the outstanding service contributions of Jordan Marks and Alex Schilder to the community at the local, national or international level.

Ian H. Tovin Scholarship Award | This award was given to Heather Baeta and Abbey Misenheimer in recognition of outstanding performance throughout the program and an intention to focus on orthopedics after graduation.

Johnnie Morgan Award for Excellence in Clinical Science | This award was given to Sophia Artusa, Emily Bushman and Shantha Nithiananda for going above and beyond what is expected of students during their clinical affiliations.

Pamela A. Catlin Award for Excellence in Critical Inquiry | This award was given to Patrick Mason and Erika Rigel who were deemed by the faculty and their research advisers to have shown leadership, mastery of content knowledge, problem-solving ability, enthusiasm, and value to overall research projects.

Susan J. Herdman Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice | This award was given to Sophia Artusa, Liz Simmons and Colleen Varan for exemplifying the drive to advance the profession and who demonstrated knowledge and skills in a specialized area of patient care.

Zoher F. Kapasi Award for Excellence in Leadership | This award was given to Kyle Buckham and Sarah Smith Hollingsworth for showing considerable initiative and organizational skills related to class and program activities.

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