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2020 Clinical Educator Award

All Health Physical Therapy Owner Lynne Repasky Loves Working with Students
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As the only physical therapist in a successful practice she started 16 years ago, it would be easy to understand if Lynne Repasky, PT, decided that she didn’t have the time to invest in training future physical therapists. But according to Repasky, who usually has up to two students under her guidance throughout the year at All Health Physical Therapy in Tucker, Ga., educating the next generation is a privilege.

“I absolutely love it,” she says.“The students bring energy into the clinic. Each of them has a unique learning style. I enjoy seeing them build their confidence as they develop their clinical skills and learn about the science of physical therapy.”

Repasky, who received her training at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, worked at Emory University Hospital and the Emory Center for Rehabilitation Medicine for several years before starting All Health in 2004. Her knowledge of Emory and long-time friendships with some Emory DPT program faculty members made the educational partnership a natural fit.

“Emory DPT students are very well prepared didactically and come with a lot of knowledge of recent research, so it’s a learning experience on both sides,” says Repasky. “They bring fresh knowledge and I’m able to see them grow and progress in their clinical education while helping them understand how to better ask questions and learn how to create a rapport with patients.”

For patients in her clinic who might not be comfortable working with students, she has two words of advice to students: Start talking.

“Because the minute you start to educate your patient,” Repasky says, “they start to understand that you know a lot more than a student profile might appear. They gain trust and credibility.”

“Lynne is the consummate professional physical therapist and clinical educator,” says Emory DPT Associate Professor Tami Phillips, PT, DPT, MBA. “She collaborates with the academic clinical faculty to specifically address any student development needs and is always willing to work with students that do need some extra assistance to meet the entry-level competencies of the graduate physical therapist.”

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